If you’re feeling unmotivated and uninspired, these 10 magazines are guaranteed to get you out of your rut 


It’s very normal to have off-days; no one feels motivated to give it 100 percent all the time. 


Especially now, nothing about the past few months has been normal so it’s understandable that you might be feeling uninspired. 


Whether it’s your job or your personal goals, try to get to the bottom of it. Get clear on what areas of your life you’re feeling the most resistance and then find something that’ll get you out of your rut. 


Magazines are some of the most creative and inspiring resources you can use for motivation. From art and design, to fitness, fashion, travel and technology, magazines can offer new, uplifting and eye-opening perspectives on just about any topic you choose to dip into. 


With 5000+ titles available on Readly, the all-you-can-read magazine subscription service is guaranteed to have something that will reignite your interests – be that in your work or personal life. Try one of the following 10 titles to lure motivation out of its hiding place. 

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Change Your Life






Are you a student fending for yourself? A parent needing inspiration for quick weekday meals? Or a culinary connoisseur looking to improve your pastry skills? However comfortable you are in the kitchen, Readly has a title for you. With everything from BBC Easy Food and Vegan Life to delicious. and Decanter, there are thousands of recipes to try out when you need to sharpen your skills.


Get your fashion fix

With Vogue, Stylist, Grazia and more, Readly has enough shopping inspiration to save you from even the deepest of wardrobe ruts. Discover the latest trends with each new issue – both local and global, or dive into years worth of back issues from fashion’s leading style bibles.


Get fit, quick

Maybe you’re a seasoned gym bunny wanting to up the gains. Or perhaps you’re just starting out on your new, active lifestyle. Either way, get tips, tricks, new routines and advice on everything wellness-related with Readly’s repertoire of health and fitness titles which include Men’s Health, Women’s Running, Om Yoga and Cycling Weekly.




Remodel your home

If lockdown has left you uninspired by your home and everything that’s in it, you’ve come to the right place. Anyone wanting to completely overhaul their living space should read the latest issues of Homebuilding & Renovating or Self Build & Design. If it’s a stylish update you’re after, you’ll find everything you need in the pages of Livingetc, Scandi at Home and Elle Decor.



Plan your next trip

Major travel might be on hold for the foreseeable but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream big for when the time comes to jet off again. Feed your wanderlust for exotic destinations with Conde Nast Traveller and National Geographic Traveller or plan something closer to home from the ideas and inspiration in Practical Caravan and Coast.

Keep your finger on the pulse

As well as 5,000 of the nation’s favourite magazines, Readly is home to a selection of leading newspapers such as the Independent and the Evening Standard. Use the app to get the latest headlines, morning, noon and night. If ‘news’ for you is more Kardashians and Coronation Street than current affairs, you’ll find endless entertainment in Readly’s selection of celebrity gossip weekly’s which includes Hello!, Inside Soap and My Weekly.


Train your brain

Research suggests that tackling a puzzle on a regular basis has the potential to boost your daily cognitive function. Sudoku, crossword, code word, word search – the number and variety of puzzle books available on Readly means that fitting in a daily brain training session couldn’t be easier. Actually completing the puzzle? That’s down to you.


Grow your own

Green fingered folk love Readly for its bountiful selection of gardening titles which includes BBC Gardeners’ World, Countryfile and Garden Answers. As we slip into autumn there’s no better time to roll your sleeves up and spend some quality time pottering around in the shed. Outdoor space on the scant side? There are thousands of tips and tricks for looking after indoor plants and turning your balcony into an outdoor haven.

From travel to TV, music, sport, science, fashion and food, the sheer quantity of content on this digital magazine subscription service means that there is something to pique just about everyone’s interests.

Magazines and Newspapers for every moment.

Discover unlimited Magazines & Newspapers. All in one app.