Well, it’s been quite a year. Here at Readly, we’re looking back at some of our more smile-worthy moments of 2020, and we’d like to invite you to do the same. For the first time ever, we’re introducing Readly Moments—an annual recap of the time you spent reading and what you read the most.


Last spring, we launched the Got Time? Make it Count campaign. Why? Because we knew that, if you’re anything like us, using your time effectively can be a real struggle sometimes. Especially in a world of nonstop social media, piano-playing cat videos and endless digital noise. We wanted to remind you (and ourselves) that there are alternatives—we can use our free time to discover new interests, soak up inspiration or simply relax while catching up on a favourite subject. These are all possibilities that Readly offers via the countless well-written articles by professional journalists.



According to the data, most of you took the opportunity to make the best of your time, keep scrolling to see what articles Readly subscribers read the most in 2020.



The most-read articles in 2020

The key trends always end up finding their way to the top of the pile—or key moments, if you will. Let’s take a quick tour of 2020.



1. “Your stay-at-home guide to sourdough”

Looks like our bread baking obsessions rose to new heights in 2020. According to BBC Good Food, bread-related content was hot on their site this year, with sourdough recipe views up by 900%. Clearly, we were all seeking some comfort. But if you hear of anyone going so far as giving their sourdough starter a name, we suggest you swiftly implement the current social distancing guidelines.

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2. On a roll

This year the Germans found themselves the unfortunate source of ridicule by other countries. Why? While the French hoarded wine for lockdown, the Germans excelled at hoarding toilet paper. Journalists jumped at the opportunity to cover the story, as with this fascinating feature in WALDRAUSCH magazine. From it, we learn about the history of Hakle, a popular loo roll brand, plus the annual consumption of rolls per German citizen (46). Surprisingly there was a 211% increase in the demand for loo roll in March, despite Germany having a relatively soft lockdown at the time. We reckon it’s because the toilet was the only place to go for some peace and quiet when the rest of the home became the office and school room.

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3. The best travel destinations of 2020

If there is something we have been longing for in 2020, it is to travel. To discover long beautiful beaches, astonishing nature or the nightlife of a vibrant city. Though travel hasn’t been possible we can always dream, which we have done more than ever through travel magazines with inspiring pictures from across the world.

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4. “How to tell what a cat is thinking”

Um, did you know that a cat’s brain can store over 1,500 times more information than an iPad? In a year when many of us spent more time isolated in the company of our pets, it’s no surprise that we started seeking answers. According to this article, cats are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. A quick message to these readers: If the cats are planning an uprising in 2021, please contact customer service.

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5. “To govern? Way too complicated”

The Dutch are known for their witty directness and their appreciation of it. So it’s no surprise that this article about Donald Trump in Maarten! ended up in the top five Readly Moments. An article looking back at four years of Trump.

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