Sasha (mid 30s) lives in South London with her partner of 10 years. She loves reading, cooking, working out and spending time chilling with family on weekends. She loves Readly because it’s a productive way to use her down time.

How would you describe your daily reading habits?

I’m a screen jumper. In my lunch break at work, I go from my work screen to another screen, like my Kindle or the internet of course. I’m also an ‘audio’ type of girl – I love listening to podcasts, especially self-improvement podcasts, but also news and current affairs.

What kind of magazines do you love to read on Readly?

My regular titles are Look, Grazia, Red, Good Housekeeping and Women’s Health. But I do browse a lot, and I often bump into other interesting magazines and articles.

How has Readly changed your reading routine?

I think the main thing is the sheer amount of reading possibilities! In the past, when I bought a magazine, then once I’ve read it, it’s done. But with Readly, you just never know what you’ll find or what will spark your interest.

Share an example with us.

Well, I’ve always had this idea that I’d love to go on a caravanning holiday. So, this morning, I downloaded a caravanning magazine. Readly is feeding my interests, giving me new ideas and inspiration. If a photo or byline grabs my attention, then it’s accessible right now. I can even bookmark it for later or download it to read when there’s no internet connection. It’s a really enriching experience.

When do you like to read magazines on Readly?

It’s an opportunistic app, but in a good way! I mean, it’s right there on my phone. I take the opportunity to browse or read whenever I feel like it and wherever I can. During TV commercials, or before I get out of bed in the morning. I grab the moments.

How would you describe Readly in a sentence?

“It’s the Netflix of magazines. Unlimited choice, and totally yours to make.”



Tracey (44) lives in London with her husband and two teenage kids. In her spare time, she enjoys DIYing her home and garden. When Tracey downloaded the Readly app, she got much more than she bargained for.

What kind of reader are you?

I’m a big reader. I love getting stuck into a great long book, but of course only when I have the time. Also, I prefer to read when I’m alone, so I won’t be disturbed.

Where do you like to read?

I love to read in bed or sitting in the garden or conservatory with a cup of tea. I also like to read when I’m waiting, say at the hairdresser, or in the car outside school at pick-up time. During those times though, I would often find myself scrolling aimlessly on my social media feed, and frankly, it was getting boring!

What changed when you began using Readly?

I originally downloaded the Readly app because I wanted to stay up to date with the latest home and gardening magazines. But then I discovered that there is a complete world of magazines out there that I never would have known about without Readly. It’s every magazine you could possibly want, and more.

Can you give us an example?

There are thousands of titles covering just about every topic! Recently, we were on vacation in Berlin. Soon after the trip, I was browsing Readly and a history magazine about World War 2 caught my eye. I really enjoyed reading it. Before Readly, I would never have bought a history magazine.

How else have your reading habits changed?

I’ve got so much information and entertainment at my fingertips now. Not just the latest magazines, but all the back issues too! I’m learning how to garden at the moment, so I can read past issues of gardening magazines that are right for the season. It’s incredibly helpful.

What other benefits did you get?

It’s not just my reading habits that have changed, but also my family’s. When my father was in hospital, I set him up on the tablet with Readly at no extra cost and he passed the time reading his Formula 1 magazines. It was a lifesaver!

How would you sum up the Readly experience in one sentence?

“If you could, how many magazines would you read?”


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