Are you one of the 3.7 million Britons who spend 2 hours a day traveling to and from work? If not, then maybe your commute is closer to the average, “just” 57.1 minutes. Whichever way you look at it, getting to work and back takes a large chunk of your day. If you are not busy behind the wheel or dodging traffic on your bike, you can use the time spent on public transport in a more productive and even enjoyable way. No, that doesn’t mean working on your laptop. Nor playing mobile games, or checking social media for the millionth time…

Why not do something that people have been doing for a century, and that more people are doing now than ever before? Read a magazine. And we’re not talking about lugging an extra slew of paper in your briefcase. Digital magazine services like Readly are all the rage, because they are light, accessible and available anytime you have your mobile phone on you.

Since services like Readly offer unlimited access to over 4,000 magazines it’s not always easy to choose what to read. Besides, no two commutes are the same, and people’s habits and needs are different. There’s a million and one magazine-reading possibilities, but only you can decide.

So, to ease your commute, we’ve selected the best 6 magazines for every on-the-go scenario:

1.) Family Crosswords

Family Crosswords

Looking to make your travel time a bit more fun? Family Crosswords magazine has a great selection of crosswords and word games to stimulate your mind and make your commute go faster. Only recommended for those who easily tolerate intense focusing of the eyes while in a moving vehicle. (PS. There’s a huge cash competition in every issue too, which ups the stakes and takes your commute to a new level of interesting!)

2.) Hello!


Ok, so not everyone can handle crosswords first thing in the morning. If you need a light, fun, non-demanding magazine on the go, then Hello! is a great option. Hello! magazine is a visual, colorful page-turner that gives all the latest celebrity news, gossip and glamour to help pass the time. Take a break from real life and the demands of your job, and enjoy some well-deserved escapism!

3.) Vogue


You don’t have to work on Regent Street to love a bit of international fashion. For fashionistas and style mavens, you can check out the latest from the fashion world by skimming British Vogue. It’s perfect for a few minutes’ ride on the Tube or bus, because you don’t even need to bother reading. You can just enjoy the visual fashion feast, while getting inspiration for tomorrow’s work outfit.

4.) Beano


Sometimes, you’re not alone on your commute. If you are dropping off or picking up from daycare, you may need some kid-oriented magazines to keep your little companion busy. We love Beano magazine, for all its comics, tricks, pranks and beloved characters. Beano has something for every kid. And if you decide to check it out when you’re alone, we won’t tell anyone!

5.) Delicious


Your day doesn’t necessarily end when you get home from work. If you need to cook supper, or if you are simply a committed foodie, then we recommend spending your commute reading Delicious magazine. You can scout out new recipes, or just get some visual inspiration for the kitchen. It’s also a great way to work on your grocery list on your way to the shops.

6.) Four Four Two


If your day job is interfering with your busy football-watching schedule, then you may want to read FourFourTwo on your regular commute. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date with all the latest action from your favorite team and players. Extremely visual and entertaining, it’s as good as watching the show – but in your own time, on your own phone, and on the go.

No matter what your daily travel looks like, Readly, the digital magazine subscription app with 4,000+ titles (and growing!), has the answer.

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